Job Seekers

Since 1979 we have successfully placed tens of thousands of people into jobs. In 2010 alone, we placed over 9000 people. Our goal is to provide the highest-level of customer service to everyone. Excellence in customer service leads to repeat business and referrals.

Types of Jobs We Place People in


  1. Direct Hire Placement – we get a lot of requests from client companies to find people with specialized skills who are often working elsewhere. The client hires us to go out and find these people.
  2. Temp-To-Hire Jobs – Many companies who need people with skills that are less difficult to find or entry-level people use this method so they can see during the temporary period if the person is a hard worker, if they are dependable, and work well as a member of their team.
  3. Temporary/Contract – These jobs are meant to be strictly temporary jobs, when companies bring people in for their busy seasons or projects. It is a good way for workers to get exposed to different companies, to gain some extra job skills, and to impress supervisors who will remember them if a permanent job becomes available.

Benefits to Associates


  1. Health Insurance Program – Associates are immediately eligible for Health, Dental, Short-Term Disability and Life Insurance. The coverage is affordable and available on the Monday following the first payroll deduction.
  2. Direct Deposit/Debit Cards – Over 90% of all CHASE employees get paid through direct deposit of paychecks or debit cards.
  3. Online Registration for Applicants – This streamlines the application and initial screening process.
  4. WebCenter – Allows online 24/7 access to associates’ pay history and W-2 information.

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